Saturday, May 17, 2008

Transformational Leadership Inspiration

Hello Transformational Leader

What really inspires you?
What inspired you to know more about Transformational Leadership?

For me it is the experience I have when I touch my own or someone elses life in a way that is profound and makes a difference.
There are so many states of being that are possible in the human expereince. From sadness, grief, through numbness, apathy, non-commitment, all the way though happiness, joy, and enlightenment.
When we transform from one level to a higher one, then there is a release of energy, in two ways. One is the release of the negative aspect, so freeing us. The other is the release of a more abundant energy that flows through us when we have access to the higher level states.

Think about some of these statements, and the kind of life that you would live if you habitually lived by them:

I can't...

I have to...

I should...

I must...

I can...

I will...

Each one of those statements has a particular state attached to it, and effects the quality of the results that are created. People that live in survival and impossiblity, are not necessarily going to be creating from a openly creative state.

Inspiration comes when we open to the greater possibility inherent in our situation, no matter how challenging. The human ability to transform our state is a powerful gift.

One of the elements of Transformational Leadership is Inspirational Motivation.
To stir the mind, feelings, or imagination of those around you.

What are you regularly inspring in others and in yourself?

Warmest regards


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Sunday, October 7, 2007


by John R. Barker...

Beliefs create potential. Potential enables action. Action produces results. Transformation is the process of becoming, or recognizing we already are who we desire to be. Embodying these following ten points will transform your life and create whatever you desire.

1. Willingness.
Willingness is a combination of intention and faith. You must be willing to become vulnerable enough to merge with your new creation as an act of love and faith. And you must be willing to let go of what you hold on to now in order to grow and become.

2. Have a clear idea.
We are all an idea away from transformation. In order to transform, we must be absolutely clear what it is we desire to transform our Self into.

3. Assume the identity.
We are all actors playing the role we know best – our Self; or more accurately, who we THINK our Self to be. We naturally assume different identities in different company, on different occasions. Create your dream role and act it out.

4. Feel yourself transformed.
Transformation is not a thought process; it is a feeling.

5. Transformation is a spiritual experience.
Transformation is an act of creation, which cannot be intellectualized. It is a feeling, like riding a bike or being in love which we cannot forget – or capture with words. Transformation is a feeling that is with us the rest of our life.

6. Assume a higher concept of yourself.
One can be no greater than their imagination allows them to be. You are nothing more – or less – than who you feel yourself to be. All limitations are only thoughts.
Thinking will not solve your problems. That is an illusion. Because you only know what you know and what you think you know has created the current situation.
Instead, take a short cut. Allow yourself to feel how you want to feel and your thoughts and actions will align with those feelings. You will notice feelings of resistance come up to feeling how you want to feel. This is why I recommend the Release Technique above.

7. Stop spending, start investing.
This includes not only money, but also our time and our thoughts. Every thought is an investment in your future. Invest wisely. Invest consistently.

8. Narrow your focus.
Transformation requires discipline. One cannot reach their destination by attempting to travel more than one road simultaneously. One road. One purpose. One mission.

9. Be unreasonable.
Progress occurs when we set convention aside and risk being foolish in its eyes.

10. Abandon who you believe yourself to be.
One must be willing to leave behind who they are in order to become who they want to be.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jamaica considers Transformational Leadership

Recently the Jamaican Constabulary Force has considered using Transformational Leadership as a way to transform the quality and effectiveness of their forces. It seems that they are calling for change, yet have not reached the levels of transformation they are seeking.

In a land where violent crime is high, it seems that this is only the start of a long term change that is required to address a serious the serious social issues of murders and shootings.
The leading political parties have placed a great great reliance on the police to prevent and control crime.

For more detail on the full story, see below.



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Monday, February 5, 2007



Welcome to the Transformational Leadership Blog. focuses the subject of Transformational Leadership and serves as a platform to explore the dynamics of personal, organisational & global change.The driving principal that underpins this is as Ghandi said,

"Be the change you want to see in the world". is a place of change, learning & support. The path ahead has many challenges, and those of you that choose to be a change agent in your world, no doubt could do with some encouragement along the way. I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to integrity, honesty and continuous, sustainable and achievable change.

Transformational Leadership consists of two concepts:
- Transformation - Radical (to the root) Change

- Leadership - having a clear vision and communicating it. To foster an environment that encourages risk taking and empowerment, so allowing other leaders to emerge.

I invite you to share openly about which topics you would like to see addressed, so that we may all become better Transformational Leaders.

To our ongoing transformation & success,


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