Monday, October 12, 2009

Step-by-Step Transformational Leadership

Dear Leader,

Ever lost your way on your transformational leadership journey? You are not alone. Part of the unfolding nature of being a leader is about leaning into the future, remembering who you fundamentally are and being willing to rediscover your purpose and passion.

Only once you do this will you be able to effectively lead others as a transformational leader.

At times we all lose our way. Conditions and motivations change; inertia takes over. Good intentions fade and old habits take over. We get comfortable in what we know. Our vision fogs over and we lose sight of the path ahead, ending up simply taking the next step, without knowing WHY....

we can't see the way out
or the way through
this is the way.

All that is needed
is one more step
and then another
and another......

K.Bradford Brown
(founder of

In times like these we need a way to reconnect with ourselves again.

Find your way of doing this, be it getting out into nature, being honest with yourself, recommitting to your personal disciplines, revisiting your goals list, or whatever helps you find your purpose and passion again.

To lead transformation in others, know how to lead transformation in yourself.
Light the fire within & fan those flames, whatever it takes.


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Transforming Leadership Power Story - Beyond Rangoon

Dear Leaders

When someone risks their own life for the lives of others, it sends a powerful message of faith in what is possible. There is a difference between force and power.

A transformational leader may face some threatening situations, many not as challenging as the one depicted in this movie clip.

It comes from a movie called Beyond Rangoon, and will inspire courage in your heart.

What will you risk on your Transformational Leadership Journey?

Your life may not be at stake, but your ego certainly might be...

To your ongoing leadership development and growth


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Transformational Leadership Limits

Hello Leader

Well, as much as I don't want to admit it, we humans have limits. A part of us somehow believes that we are superhuman, and that we can do whatever we like. Maybe this comes from growing up, when we believe anything is possible, and are on a mission to prove it. Now not everyone is like that, I understand, yet there is still a part of us that is arrogant and omnipotent, thinking that it knows what is happening.

This particular part of us can often cause much trouble in our personal and preofesional lives, as we sometimes believe that we know:

- how life should be
- how others should be
- what should and should not happen
- how others should treat you
- how we should be

You may recognise the demanding nature of those statements. During our journey of Transformational Leadership, we will come accross many challenges, sometimes disguised as good intentions or worthwhile causes. At a survival level of life, sure they make sense, and are great coping mechanisms.

When we enter the area of peak performance, we are required to step through some extraordinary paradoxes that would limit the arrogant from accessing the truth. Until we let go of our demand of how things should be, we are often so attached to to this demand, that we are not free to make new, creative choices in the present.

Our limitations are not the ones we seem to need to prove to ourselves and others, but the ones that our mind imposes on us, in an attempt to keep us safe and right.

So where in your life are your demanding that things "should be" different, and finding yourself limited by that belief?



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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Transformational Leadership Dramas

~Hello Transformational Leader ~

Something I have noticed in one of the communities I serve in is that sometimes people commit to a role of leadership, and then later on, once the going gets tough, they say,
"I was in desire, and no longer have a purpose to be in this role".

What kind of example does this set for the rest of the team?
That we can commit ourselves to a task, role or project with the purpose of leadership, and then pull out because we are no longer connected with our purpose?

Is that not the journey of a leader, and especially the Transformational Leader?
Are we not called to notice what gets in our way on our leadership journey and resolve, transform and transcend our fears of inadequacy and limitation?

How can we suppose to lead others, when our own lack of commitment drama is present?
We pull out when the going gets tough, or we lose faith, or we face delay, disappointment or disaster. That is not what leadership is about. Firstly it is about commitment.

As a Transformational Leader, what have you given your commitment to recently, and not kept you word about? No matter how big or small, not keeping our word or promise undermines our integrity and our personal power.
How can we call others out on their integrity and personal power if we ourselves are lacking integrity?

Be ruthless with this, because if it is present in you, it runs a part of your life. It draws power away from you. By simply acknowledging it, you can reclaim that power. Your power. Your authentic, real personal power.

You and those around you are worth it.
So go for it!


Developing Tomorrows Transformational Leaders Today

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Personal Transformational Leadership Path

Hello Transformational Leaders

The path to being a successful Transformational Leader starts with personal leadership.

Its about knowing yourself and having a a clear personal vision. Personal Leadership is a state of mind and heart. Personal leaders realize that leadership is not a position or title, but an outlook on life and their role in the world.

It's about accepting responsibility for your own life, what has to be achieved and how to live it. Having a willingness to acknowledge your personal strengths and weaknesses. Being mindful of choices you have made. A willingness to confront oneself with care, recognizing and acknowledging own emotions and the power that they have. Recognizing that true power is comes from within you.

Why wait for some life-changing event to happen to you to shake you up and "tell" you that you need to effect changes in your life when can you take action and reap the benefits for yourself now?

So, what is the one thing that would get you moving in the direction of Personal Leadership development?

What is the one thing, that if you did it, would transform your life and leadership ability?

Take a breathe, look deep inside and go for it.
It takes courage, and it is worth it.

Warm regards

Richard Cox

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