Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Annual Transformational Leadership Fall Symposium

Friday Evening, November 20 – Saturday, November 21 Chicago, Illinois

Learn from national and international experts and respected corporate leaders.

Benefit from the applied lessons shared by Brad Anderson, former CEO and current Vice Chairman of Best Buy. Brad is this year’s Transformational Leadership Award recipient.

Other speakers include Dr. Don Beck, co-author of Spiral Dynamics, a foremost organizational and national change agent in the world macro view of organization which will show you how to be more effective with the various sub-groups you lead.

Dr. Judith Wright , a specialist when it comes to personal development and transformation is you guide when looking at your purposes and passions in transformational leadership.

Dr. Robert Wright will add the neuroscience to help you be more effective and empower your staff even more.

Dr. Ron Riggio, co-author of a book on "Transformational Leadership" shows you how to create productive environments using specific approaches with Transformational Leadership

This powerful experiential event will give you what you need most to to guide your transformational leadership development.

Learn more and register at:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brian Tracy on Transformational Leadership

Hi Leaders

Brian Tracy is a world renown leader in his field of personal and professional development. He is certainly someone who has walked his talk, and guided the transformation of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the world.

A true transformational leader worth listening to.

Check out his article on Transformational Leadership here



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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Transformational Leadership Limits

Hello Leader

Well, as much as I don't want to admit it, we humans have limits. A part of us somehow believes that we are superhuman, and that we can do whatever we like. Maybe this comes from growing up, when we believe anything is possible, and are on a mission to prove it. Now not everyone is like that, I understand, yet there is still a part of us that is arrogant and omnipotent, thinking that it knows what is happening.

This particular part of us can often cause much trouble in our personal and preofesional lives, as we sometimes believe that we know:

- how life should be
- how others should be
- what should and should not happen
- how others should treat you
- how we should be

You may recognise the demanding nature of those statements. During our journey of Transformational Leadership, we will come accross many challenges, sometimes disguised as good intentions or worthwhile causes. At a survival level of life, sure they make sense, and are great coping mechanisms.

When we enter the area of peak performance, we are required to step through some extraordinary paradoxes that would limit the arrogant from accessing the truth. Until we let go of our demand of how things should be, we are often so attached to to this demand, that we are not free to make new, creative choices in the present.

Our limitations are not the ones we seem to need to prove to ourselves and others, but the ones that our mind imposes on us, in an attempt to keep us safe and right.

So where in your life are your demanding that things "should be" different, and finding yourself limited by that belief?



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Thursday, May 15, 2008

CIPD Leadership Conference - 3rd June 2008 - London

In today's competitive environment strong leadership is key to organisational success.

Transformational Leadership can give you the edge over your competition.See how HR and business leaders can work together to create an environment of sustainable high performance.

Transform your organisation by discovering the latest leadership techniques, exploring the latest research into global leadership trends and learning innovative new ways to develop talented leaders for the future.

Areas that will be covered:

-leadership development
-developing a leadership culture
-collaborative leadership
-diversity and leadership
-employee engagement



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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Transformational Leadership Dramas

~Hello Transformational Leader ~

Something I have noticed in one of the communities I serve in is that sometimes people commit to a role of leadership, and then later on, once the going gets tough, they say,
"I was in desire, and no longer have a purpose to be in this role".

What kind of example does this set for the rest of the team?
That we can commit ourselves to a task, role or project with the purpose of leadership, and then pull out because we are no longer connected with our purpose?

Is that not the journey of a leader, and especially the Transformational Leader?
Are we not called to notice what gets in our way on our leadership journey and resolve, transform and transcend our fears of inadequacy and limitation?

How can we suppose to lead others, when our own lack of commitment drama is present?
We pull out when the going gets tough, or we lose faith, or we face delay, disappointment or disaster. That is not what leadership is about. Firstly it is about commitment.

As a Transformational Leader, what have you given your commitment to recently, and not kept you word about? No matter how big or small, not keeping our word or promise undermines our integrity and our personal power.
How can we call others out on their integrity and personal power if we ourselves are lacking integrity?

Be ruthless with this, because if it is present in you, it runs a part of your life. It draws power away from you. By simply acknowledging it, you can reclaim that power. Your power. Your authentic, real personal power.

You and those around you are worth it.
So go for it!


Developing Tomorrows Transformational Leaders Today

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Bernard M. Bass, Leading Transformational Leadership researcher, dies at 82

Bernard M. Bass, the author of LEADERSHIP and hundreds of other articles and books about Transformational Leadership, passed away on 11 October 2007 at his home, aged 82.

Bass pioneered the field of Transformational Leadership, and founded the Center for Leadership Studies at Binghamton, USA. His colleagues say that the was instrumental in transforming the faculty into being one of the best, with his passion and ability to apply his knowledge to real world situations.

One of his colleagues, Francis Yammarino (current director of the Center for Leadership Studies) said of Bernard Bass, “He changed the thinking in the field. He was the No. 1 researcher in leadership studies for years and years.”

Bass has developed leaders internationally, and leaves a legacy for us all to follow behind. The field of Leadership is constantly evolving, and with leaders like Bass, we can learn to become better Transformational Leaders.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Transformational Leadership at the Movies


I recently came across a website that highlights the aspects of Transformational Leadership in several movies. This site is great as it contrasts the differences between Transaction Leadership, and several other leadership theories, siteing well know movies.

Here is the site:

You will probably recognise, or even have seen some of these movies!

Transformational leadership is defined by individualized consideration (IC), intellectual stimulation (IS), inspirational motivation (IM), and idealized influence (II). These factors, along with contingent reward (a transactional factor), have been shown to improve subordinate productivity, increase morale, foster organizational effectiveness and lower absenteeism.

Examples of movies for each category are provided on their site.

To your ongoing development

Warm regards


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