Monday, February 5, 2007

Born, Bred, or Developed? Which one is true

Becoming a transformational leader has some interesting connotations to it. Some believe that leaders are born , others bred. Whilst this may be the case with hierarchical structures, in the world of any individual, everyone can be a transformational leader.

In most free countries, We have the choice as to what we believe, think and how we act. The bottom line is how we respond to life. If we have this choice, and do not take the chance to create whatever it is we want to, need to, or have to , then we miss the chance for transformation. Each experience challenges us with unique aspects to overcome. Be it in your home, work life, or on the sports field. transformational leadership is about finding the way forward without necessarily having the map.

You will undoubtedly find different parts of being a successful transformational leader challenging, depending on who you are, what you have done, and of course your attitude.

Life has two pulls - one forward one back. Like a tug-of-war. The one that wins is the one you focus on. If being a transformation leader is something that you believe you can do or be, then the chances are you are more likely to become one. Life offers no guarantees, so all we need to do is step up to the plate, and keep on swinging.

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