Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Transformational Leadership Limits

Hello Leader

Well, as much as I don't want to admit it, we humans have limits. A part of us somehow believes that we are superhuman, and that we can do whatever we like. Maybe this comes from growing up, when we believe anything is possible, and are on a mission to prove it. Now not everyone is like that, I understand, yet there is still a part of us that is arrogant and omnipotent, thinking that it knows what is happening.

This particular part of us can often cause much trouble in our personal and preofesional lives, as we sometimes believe that we know:

- how life should be
- how others should be
- what should and should not happen
- how others should treat you
- how we should be

You may recognise the demanding nature of those statements. During our journey of Transformational Leadership, we will come accross many challenges, sometimes disguised as good intentions or worthwhile causes. At a survival level of life, sure they make sense, and are great coping mechanisms.

When we enter the area of peak performance, we are required to step through some extraordinary paradoxes that would limit the arrogant from accessing the truth. Until we let go of our demand of how things should be, we are often so attached to to this demand, that we are not free to make new, creative choices in the present.

Our limitations are not the ones we seem to need to prove to ourselves and others, but the ones that our mind imposes on us, in an attempt to keep us safe and right.

So where in your life are your demanding that things "should be" different, and finding yourself limited by that belief?



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