Monday, November 26, 2007

What is important to you?

Hello Transformational Leader,

What is important to you in this world? What is it that gets you going every morning?
Is it family, money, health, wealth, happiness, fame? What about other aspects like commitment, passion, desire, willingess, obligation or drivenness?

Each one of us has a unique set of values that guides our motivation and action. They provide sources of energy that we use to create the outcomes and goals in our lives. To find out what you values are, simply ask

"What is important to me about ......?" (work, family, life,money, leadership, play, etc)

Keep on asking the question and allow yourself to go deep into what is most important to you. Write each word or phrase down as you go, and then take a breath and ask the question again.
In this way, you can discover what is REALLY motivating and inspiring you to do what you do.

When you know what is underneath your actions, you may find that it makes more sense, and you will be able to align your goals and outcomes to be more in line with your values. There are of course ways in which you can reset your values. One is NLP techiniques, which has various methods that can be used to achieve eliciting values.

An aspect of Transformational Leadership is inspired change, from personal and group perspective. As a transformational leader, it is valuable to be able to know what your and those around you value. When you know this, you can tap huge energy reserves that were not previously available. When you individually consider each persons values, and then align that with the work they do, extraordinary results are possible.

To your ongoing transformation and leadership development

Warm regards


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