Monday, February 5, 2007

Personal hypocrisy weakens leadership impact

In a day and age that we work so hard we can barely keep up with ourselves, noticing our own personal hypocrisy is next to impossible. After many years of watching out for it (and boy is it a tough one to spot), I have found it is possible to make some changes to the way we behave in this area of life.

I noticed that I would say one thing, and then do another in the complete opposite. This happened especially with my partner. I would stop smoking, and then insist that she give up smoking. I would then start again, and not bat an eyelid. If I was challenged, then issues of choice or addiction or stress would be the answer, and there it away with it again.

Who in their right mind is going to stand up and stay "Hey you, hypocrite, pot calling the kettle black! What do you have to say for yourself?" Who so indeed? There is a quote in the Bible, (Matthew 7:1-12), that says “take the log out of your eye, before you take the splinter out of mine". Of course we can also use this other way around to excuse ourselves from being personally accountable when we are challenged.

Let alone when it comes the time for us to hold other accountable. If our own personal hypocrisy is rampant, then how can we ask others to have integrity and be accountable when we lack the fundamental ourselves

Being a transformational leader means being willing to demonstrate transformation in ourselves, so that others may follow in our footsteps.

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