Monday, May 19, 2008

Transformational Leadership Support = Trust


Each one of us requires support in some shape or form, at some point in our lives. This can be professional or personal, and most often relates to when we are going through major change.

As a transformational leaders, you are often responsible for envokng that change, and to be able to support those that are on the receiving end of your actions is a valuable skill to develop. Perhaps that is what is meant by Indiviual Consideration, that you take time to really focus on another human being, and really listen and hear them, where they are, right now, without putting your own judgements and interpretations on their experience.

Have you ever has the experience of someone fully listening to you?
You will know if you have, because the quality of that experience will have been different to any other.

So often, as leaders, we are running around commanding others and getting involved in so many different projects and priorities, that we forget to take the time to have quality connections with those that we lead. A succesful transofrmational leader uses each opportunity to connect with those around them to influence and guide in a way that lifts all involved. By doing this, a culture of support and respect is developed. Basically this equates to TRUST. Probably one of the mos valuable elements in any relationship, without which, our potential is never realised.

Transformational Leadership requires a supportive leadership style, to uplift and inspire others on a personal and group level - and remember leaders need support too, so make sure you have someone in your life that can give you the amazing gift of personal support through the simple, yet powerful gift of listenting and hearing you, without judgement.



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