Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Transformational Leadership Age

Dear Leaders,

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama, the world first black American President, was inaugurated in front of 2 million people in Washington DC.

He is a man that represents all that is possible for America, and for the world, in terms of transformational change. He is a visible leader, that speaks his vision clearly, engaging those that hear him to see a world that is brighter, more supportive, less fear full and more accessible to the common man.

He is an example of what is possible with the power of Transformational Leadership and he ushers in an Age of accountability, awareness, responsibility and community.

Be inspired by his vision and charisma.

You can view his Inauguration speech here:

and his acceptance speech on YouTube below.

To the transformational leader in you
Warmest regards,


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