Monday, October 12, 2009

Step-by-Step Transformational Leadership

Dear Leader,

Ever lost your way on your transformational leadership journey? You are not alone. Part of the unfolding nature of being a leader is about leaning into the future, remembering who you fundamentally are and being willing to rediscover your purpose and passion.

Only once you do this will you be able to effectively lead others as a transformational leader.

At times we all lose our way. Conditions and motivations change; inertia takes over. Good intentions fade and old habits take over. We get comfortable in what we know. Our vision fogs over and we lose sight of the path ahead, ending up simply taking the next step, without knowing WHY....

we can't see the way out
or the way through
this is the way.

All that is needed
is one more step
and then another
and another......

K.Bradford Brown
(founder of

In times like these we need a way to reconnect with ourselves again.

Find your way of doing this, be it getting out into nature, being honest with yourself, recommitting to your personal disciplines, revisiting your goals list, or whatever helps you find your purpose and passion again.

To lead transformation in others, know how to lead transformation in yourself.
Light the fire within & fan those flames, whatever it takes.


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