Sunday, April 20, 2008

Transformational Leadership Roles and Authenticity

Dear Leader

One of the most powerful ways you can genuinely reach people as a Transformational Leader is to be authentic. This, in essence, means that you are yourself when you engage others through your leadership. Now obviously, you are always going to be you, but hat we are talking about here is the Authentic you as apposed to the role you play.

If you consider two interactions, one being a natural easy flowing, authentic and the other being formal, role-based, transactional and black & white. The first interaction between a Transformational Leader and the other or group will have a dimension to it that the other lacks. It will feel different to those involved. There will be a BEING quality to it, not just a DOING. Successful transformational leadership takes this into account, for to focus on just one dimension of leadership is to be ineffective.

"If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail"
- Abraham Maslow -

In transformational leadership it would be easy to get caught in role playing, rather than being your natural self, infused with the skills and qualities of an effective transformational leader. That is why you cannot just read a book on transformational leadership and then go out and implement it. Of course you still need to go out there and take step after step, trying new elements out and see what fits your context.

There is an experiential element that can only be developed by BEING, rather than DOING. When you find your zone or flow you will be balancing these. When this natural balance is in process, you will notice your Presence having a direct impact or influence on your surroundings in a harmonious way. Synchronicity will begin to play a part in your life and work.

The key to all this is awareness.

Can you watch yourself in your role, and see the bigger picture than just your immediate action?

Are you completely consumed by your role or are you able to allow your authenticity to shine through and touch the hearts, minds and souls of those that you lead?

Do the people that you lead trust you as a human, or are they just acting out their agreed role with yours?

Try out something new, and see if it works for you
Warmest regards


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Transformational Leaders Needed in UK

The lack of availability of leadership skills was recently identified by chief executives in the UK as the biggest threat to UK growth. PwC’s Global Trends in Human Capital suggests changes in the diversity make up of firms will be driven by a "pragmatic need to muster all the talent available to maintain a competitive and sustainable business.”
How will you respond?