Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama Barack the Transformational Leader


The media these days is abuzz with the next US Presidential elections. With Hillary Clinton and Obama Barack in the running, this provides an interesting scenario for us to relate to Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership.

According to some, Obama seems to have qualities of a Transformational Leader. He is certainly charasmatic in the way he is appealing to the American people. In a time that requires transformational leadership, we have someone like Barack that has the potential to deliver that reality.

The question is, are the American people that are casting their votes ready for that kind of leadership? Many speak of wanting a great leader to transform the way we are with each other, ourselves and the world. Does it really take another Great Leader to do this for us, or has the time come for each one of us to be our own transformational leader?

Whether or not Obama Barack is voted in to being the President of the USA, there still exists the ever real and present opportunity for each one of us to claim our part in the transformation of ourselves and the world around us. If we wait for others to do this, it may never happen. We must lead the charge, and vote for empowered, enlightened leaders to collectively show us the way on a global scale.

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