Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can Transformational Leadership play a part in the human crisis?

Hello Transformational Leaders

You may have noticed the world is having some challenges with us humans at the moment. She is getting a bit hot under the collar, and probably wouldn't think too much about wiping us off her face, like she did with the dinosaurs. Considering that the dinosaurs lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and some still live today, I would consider them pretty adaptable. Humans seem to be having some big challenges with changing these days, and yet we have the arrogance to mock the dinosaurs.

So what is it going to take for human beings to start working together on a global level, when we have such deep challenges working together in our own lives. Let alone that, but even with OURSELVES we have deep issues that we find hard to address, let alone speak about. We hide from the truth like it will kill us, and miss the opportunity to free ourselves and others in the process. Yes, some part of us may die (our ego), but then again, was it not what was causing the problem anyway?

Our current global, business, political and social leaders are starting to get the message, and there is movement to a greater awakening to the seriousness of our current situation. But is it going to work? Are we addressing the core issues, or have we missed something in our attempt to FIX the situation? Are we missing an enormous opportunity to transform what it means to be human? A chance to see into the future for 1000's of years, and see our speciaes make a powerful contribution to the way life evolves?

Is Transformational Leadership something that will contribute to the evolution of humankind? If it is, how can we get it out there more effectively? How can we get it into the hearts and minds of the people around us? How can we live the principles and ideals that stand for transformation and leadership in our world, be it on a micro or macro level?

I don't believe that it is the ONLY solution, but I do believe that if we started treating and leading each other the way Transformational Leadership suggests, it could make a significant impact on the way we create our future.

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To your ongoing Transformational Leadership development.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007


by John R. Barker...

Beliefs create potential. Potential enables action. Action produces results. Transformation is the process of becoming, or recognizing we already are who we desire to be. Embodying these following ten points will transform your life and create whatever you desire.

1. Willingness.
Willingness is a combination of intention and faith. You must be willing to become vulnerable enough to merge with your new creation as an act of love and faith. And you must be willing to let go of what you hold on to now in order to grow and become.

2. Have a clear idea.
We are all an idea away from transformation. In order to transform, we must be absolutely clear what it is we desire to transform our Self into.

3. Assume the identity.
We are all actors playing the role we know best – our Self; or more accurately, who we THINK our Self to be. We naturally assume different identities in different company, on different occasions. Create your dream role and act it out.

4. Feel yourself transformed.
Transformation is not a thought process; it is a feeling.

5. Transformation is a spiritual experience.
Transformation is an act of creation, which cannot be intellectualized. It is a feeling, like riding a bike or being in love which we cannot forget – or capture with words. Transformation is a feeling that is with us the rest of our life.

6. Assume a higher concept of yourself.
One can be no greater than their imagination allows them to be. You are nothing more – or less – than who you feel yourself to be. All limitations are only thoughts.
Thinking will not solve your problems. That is an illusion. Because you only know what you know and what you think you know has created the current situation.
Instead, take a short cut. Allow yourself to feel how you want to feel and your thoughts and actions will align with those feelings. You will notice feelings of resistance come up to feeling how you want to feel. This is why I recommend the Release Technique above.

7. Stop spending, start investing.
This includes not only money, but also our time and our thoughts. Every thought is an investment in your future. Invest wisely. Invest consistently.

8. Narrow your focus.
Transformation requires discipline. One cannot reach their destination by attempting to travel more than one road simultaneously. One road. One purpose. One mission.

9. Be unreasonable.
Progress occurs when we set convention aside and risk being foolish in its eyes.

10. Abandon who you believe yourself to be.
One must be willing to leave behind who they are in order to become who they want to be.