Sunday, February 25, 2007

Leadership buzzword takes off with US Presidential candidates

Although the term "Transformational leadership" has been around for close on 30 years, US Presidential candidates seem to have caught onto what their people want. Transformational change. But is it really acheiveable.

Presidential historian James MacGregor Burns, who was intrumental in bringing Transformational Leadership into clear focus, has his doubts. He says "it's hard for them to realize that you don't just suddenly turn yourself into a transforming leader."

Checkout the full story below:

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Transformational leaders stand up to US president and demand change

Corporate leaders, politicians and evangelical Christians have joined with environmentalists to call for action on climate change in the run-up to President George W Bush's State of the Union speech.

The latest call came on Monday from a coalition of business giants – including General Electric, BP, Alcoa, DuPont, and Duke Energy – which calls itself the US Climate Action Partnership.

Will this call from the transformational leadership in our world be successful, or will we continue to choose the same old beliefs, habits and actions that destroy our world?

The full article here:

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Personal hypocrisy weakens leadership impact

In a day and age that we work so hard we can barely keep up with ourselves, noticing our own personal hypocrisy is next to impossible. After many years of watching out for it (and boy is it a tough one to spot), I have found it is possible to make some changes to the way we behave in this area of life.

I noticed that I would say one thing, and then do another in the complete opposite. This happened especially with my partner. I would stop smoking, and then insist that she give up smoking. I would then start again, and not bat an eyelid. If I was challenged, then issues of choice or addiction or stress would be the answer, and there it away with it again.

Who in their right mind is going to stand up and stay "Hey you, hypocrite, pot calling the kettle black! What do you have to say for yourself?" Who so indeed? There is a quote in the Bible, (Matthew 7:1-12), that says “take the log out of your eye, before you take the splinter out of mine". Of course we can also use this other way around to excuse ourselves from being personally accountable when we are challenged.

Let alone when it comes the time for us to hold other accountable. If our own personal hypocrisy is rampant, then how can we ask others to have integrity and be accountable when we lack the fundamental ourselves

Being a transformational leader means being willing to demonstrate transformation in ourselves, so that others may follow in our footsteps.

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Born, Bred, or Developed? Which one is true

Becoming a transformational leader has some interesting connotations to it. Some believe that leaders are born , others bred. Whilst this may be the case with hierarchical structures, in the world of any individual, everyone can be a transformational leader.

In most free countries, We have the choice as to what we believe, think and how we act. The bottom line is how we respond to life. If we have this choice, and do not take the chance to create whatever it is we want to, need to, or have to , then we miss the chance for transformation. Each experience challenges us with unique aspects to overcome. Be it in your home, work life, or on the sports field. transformational leadership is about finding the way forward without necessarily having the map.

You will undoubtedly find different parts of being a successful transformational leader challenging, depending on who you are, what you have done, and of course your attitude.

Life has two pulls - one forward one back. Like a tug-of-war. The one that wins is the one you focus on. If being a transformation leader is something that you believe you can do or be, then the chances are you are more likely to become one. Life offers no guarantees, so all we need to do is step up to the plate, and keep on swinging.

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Transformation Leadership Speaker - April 2007 - London

Chartered Institute of Personel and Development annual Learning and Development Conference and Exhibition

Over 8,000 senior practitioners, trainers, coaches, and people management and development professionals will meet at the CIPD’s annual Learning and Development Conference and Exhibition. The CIPD event will take place between 17-19 April, at the new venue, ExCeL, London UK.

The CIPD event includes UK and international case studies, interactive workshops and debates. It has over 30 seminars and an impressive line up of over 100 speakers including:

Heather Rabbatts, Executive Chairman, Millwall Football Club and non-Executive Director of the Bank of England, on transformational leadership.

For more detail on the conference, or to book your place, visit

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Welcome to the Transformational Leadership Blog. focuses the subject of Transformational Leadership and serves as a platform to explore the dynamics of personal, organisational & global change.The driving principal that underpins this is as Ghandi said,

"Be the change you want to see in the world". is a place of change, learning & support. The path ahead has many challenges, and those of you that choose to be a change agent in your world, no doubt could do with some encouragement along the way. I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to integrity, honesty and continuous, sustainable and achievable change.

Transformational Leadership consists of two concepts:
- Transformation - Radical (to the root) Change

- Leadership - having a clear vision and communicating it. To foster an environment that encourages risk taking and empowerment, so allowing other leaders to emerge.

I invite you to share openly about which topics you would like to see addressed, so that we may all become better Transformational Leaders.

To our ongoing transformation & success,


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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Transformational Leadership

With Richard Cox