Monday, November 12, 2007

Bernard M. Bass, Leading Transformational Leadership researcher, dies at 82

Bernard M. Bass, the author of LEADERSHIP and hundreds of other articles and books about Transformational Leadership, passed away on 11 October 2007 at his home, aged 82.

Bass pioneered the field of Transformational Leadership, and founded the Center for Leadership Studies at Binghamton, USA. His colleagues say that the was instrumental in transforming the faculty into being one of the best, with his passion and ability to apply his knowledge to real world situations.

One of his colleagues, Francis Yammarino (current director of the Center for Leadership Studies) said of Bernard Bass, “He changed the thinking in the field. He was the No. 1 researcher in leadership studies for years and years.”

Bass has developed leaders internationally, and leaves a legacy for us all to follow behind. The field of Leadership is constantly evolving, and with leaders like Bass, we can learn to become better Transformational Leaders.

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